CSR at Swile

At Swile, we take our responsibility very seriously. We grow fast but we want to do things right (and we don't want to wait until we are perfect to tell you about it).

Our ambition: build a more fulfilling and inclusive working word. This, while integrating social, societal and environmental issues into our development and maximizing our positive impact!

Our approach

It's based on 3 pillars.

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Prioritize decisions that set Swile on a bold, sustainable growth journey.
Define social, societal and environmental targets, monitor them and ensure they are met. For example, we use tools such as B Corp to help us on this path to progress.

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Our employees are at the heart of everything. We do our utmost to ensure they are aware of the issues at stake and, above all, that they are equipped for what the future holds. For example, we have started climate awareness programs and we will soon be implementing other CSR trainings for all Swilers.

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We believe that the tech industry must innovate and work collectively on major issues such as diversity and the environment. This is why we have signed the “Energy Sobriety Charter”, the "Parity Pact" and the "Climate Act". We also have joined the BSR network (Business for Social Responsibility).

What we already do

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We offer more responsible employee benefits. The Swile Card is recyclable and even exists in 100% digitalized experience.

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We measure every year the environmental footprint of our activities (scope 1, 2 and 3).

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We have raised with our users over one million euros in donation for charities that fight against food insecurity and poverty.

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We defend gender equality at work. We have reached a score of 93% at the Equality Index and we signed the French Tech Parity Pact.

We want to go further. Here is what we have on the agenda.

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Engaging Swile in a journey of progress

We are conducting a materiality analysis with our different stakeholders to define our CSR trajectory and priorities.

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Becoming a "mission-driven" company

We want to anchor our purpose in our activities and set clear goals for it in everything that we do.

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Controlling our environmental impact

We want to set action plan to reduce the carbon intensity of our activities and engage our suppliers to do the same.

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Defending inclusive work cultures

Diversity, equity, inclusion and well-being are sources of performance, so yes we defend them!

Any questions?

Or a suggestion? Just write to us: sustainability@swile.co