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It's accepted even
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Swile Card shares the Mastercard acceptance network.

Spend anywhere in France or just down the street. With big brands and local shops.


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A super solution to be closer to your employees.


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Swile Card is more than just
gift vouchers.

It's all your employee benefits in one place.

Swile Card is more than just 
gift vouchers.

Time to shine in
your CSE meetings.

Why offer CE / CSE gift vouchers to employees?

Gift vouchers are one of the CE offers most appreciated by employees because it increases purchasing power for beneficiaries. There are several formats: Digital voucher, gift card, single-brand, multi-brand ... The digital format of multi-brand gift cards is what we prefer because it gives a lot of flexibility. Each employee decides how they want to use it. By complying with URSSAF regulations, the company or CE / CSE can benefit from an exemption from social charges of up to 193 euros per year per employee (and per event). As an alternative to salary increases, gift vouchers are sure to make happy employees.

What are the advantages of digital CE / CSE gift vouchers?

20% of gift vouchers go unused each year, it's time to say goodbye to old-school paper vouchers! Digital gift vouchers allow CSEs to simplify their management. There are less errors and risk of theft, and e-gift cards are ideal for users. All beneficiaries can view their balance on their Swile account and spend it wherever they want. Employees can pay with their Swile Card online or in stores, or on our gift platform. Everyone can have fun!

Why have a platform for your CSE?

In the digital age, it now seems essential for elected representatives of work councils to have a dedicated CE / CSE platform. It helps strengthen the link between elected officials and beneficiaries through clear and accessible communication and guarantees transparency and accessibility. Elected officials should get familiar with the tool to take full advantage of it.

When can companies offer CE / CSE gift vouchers?

Companies and CSEs have many opportunities to offer gift vouchers to employees. URSSAF specifies 11 authorized events for offering gift vouchers: back to school, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Sainte-Catherine, Saint-Nicolas, adoption, birth, marriage, retirement... Culture vouchers can also be another alternative to promote access to culture and leisure throughout the year, not just during one-time events!

How can employees spend their CE / CSE gift vouchers?

Employees' profiles are diverse, so are their expectations! That's why Swile gift vouchers are great for everyone, whatever their age, location or hobbies. Beneficiaries have tons of choices for using their Swile Card, like buying tickets for movies, concerts, shows, theater, museums, amusement parks, castles, zoos, aquariums, sporting events... There are plenty of opportunities! Another advantage is that it can be combined with our discount platform. For example, movie lovers can take their €100 Christmas balance and get 30% off on movie tickets. Swile has several hundred big brand partners that are sure to have something for everyone: Fnac, Darty, Carrefour, Nature & Découvertes, Sephora, Decathlon, Conforama, Oxybul, Etam, Showroomprivé, Ikea, La Redoute... 100% digital brands are also available: Spotify, Netflix, Petit Ballon... Why miss out?