Accepting the Swile Card
is a real gift.

No more paperwork!
Make way for the new generation of gift vouchers!

Why should you accept
Swile gift vouchers?

Unlimited payments

No more capped gift cards! Our users can make unlimited purchases by linking their bank card to their Swile Card, to use both online and in stores. Result: fuller carts!

Attract new customers

The interactive map available on the Swile App and its location feature shows users where to spend. Bring in local or visiting customers who are using the Swile Card near your business.

Ready to go paperless?

Leave us a message, our sales team will be sure to get back to you!

Get paid within 48 hours: Direct deposits are made to your bank after each POS data transmission.

No POS update required: Thanks to our partnerships with Visa and Mastercard.

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400,000 people use their card every day at our partner stores.
Why not at yours ?