Gift vouchers, only waaay better!

Exclusive features and a simplified shopping experience that your team will love!

With our gift vouchers card, it's like Christmas every day!


account for all events and occasions

app to manage and track spend

card unique and reloadable

extensive acceptance network

Spend your balance as you want!


Accepted by top retailers and local businesses


Use your balance to generate gift cards for your favorite online stores - including streaming, music and gaming platforms.


On our exclusive deals & discounts platform
Customized for your CSE and featuring unique offers all year long!

Only at Swile

No more bloated wallets and multiple cards.
A single black smartcard that combines all gift vouchers.

Your team is already using our meal voucher card?
Good news: gift vouchers can be added to the same!

Whether you are a HR or CSE, our solution includes
tools to simplify your day-to-day:

Internal Communication

Customizable materials to give more visibility to your initiatives and let employees know about new benefits and balances.


A simplified dashboard to order and reload employee cards and track spending in real time


Tools to easily sync with your operating and ASC budgets or generate expense reports

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