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Swile, the card and app at the center of employee engagement.

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750,000 employees already use Swile daily

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swile card
This is not a card. 
It's a smartcard.
Forget everything you know about employee benefits.Experience the most powerful employee card ever created.

The app that lets employees take
their experience into their own hands.

Boost employee engagement
by pinpointing the right drivers.

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Net Promoter Score
Here's why Teddy Cachan from Carrefour France
opted for Swile.
Teddy Cachan

The Swile Card makes the daily life of our employees and HR teams easier by digitalizing and simplifying processes. And it reduces our environmental impact.

Déborah Drean

We found a simple tool to collect feedback from our remote employees, communicate transparently and create proximity within teams.

Thierry Raulin

With Swile, we've found a "customer-centric" partner who breaks the codes of previous practices and who offers 100% digital services that are reliable everywhere in France, with a touch of fun!

Raphaël Carton

The Swile team is super responsive and gives us real advice on a daily basis to stay as close as possible to the expectations of our teams.

Lisa Welmarz

Swile is the all-in-one solution for meal vouchers and gift vouchers. Our employees have the choice to spend their benefits as they wish. No need to look elsewhere, everything's there!