Let’s smile
at work!

Swile is the contraction of "Smile at work". We replaced the “M” from Smile which the “W” from Work. Simple, efficient, universal.


Use technology and UX
to improve employee experience.

When we entered the employee benefits market back in 2018 (initially under the name of Lunchr), our goal was to reinvent lunch breaks with colleagues.

At the time, our meal voucher card along with its group order feature changed the lunch experience and started to bring teams closer together.

The adoption fed our ambition.

Two years later in 2020, 400.000 users from 13.000 companies of all sizes use Swile every day.

That positive response convinced us that using technology to bring teams together is THE mission that moves and inspires us.


A happier team life.
From morning to night.

A big part of our social life happens at the workplace: birthdays, happy hours, celebrations, affinity groups...
Our app was conceived to encourage, facilitate and empower leaders and coworkers to spend more quality time together.

Everyone can have the Swile!

With our app features such as celebrations, recognition, events, internal chat and P2P payments among colleagues, companies of all types can now streamline and track team life .

Life at work is our element and we'll keep working on new ideas to inovate, improve and make it vibrant!


A strong corporate culture.

Corporate culture is a central subject in modern societies. Unfortunately, it is often neglected or not properly developed. Initiatives from management and leadership to nurture this culture should be continous in order to drive positive impact on the lives of their employees.

Équipe Swile de Montpellier jouant aux cartes
Équipe Swile lors du lancement